Welcome to Get Ahead Schools

At Get Ahead, every student is valued and cared for.  We understand how complex the learning process is, and we are constantly focussing on the factors which influence learning in a fast changing environment.  Our caring and nurturing environment is based on Christian values, with an emphasis on love, respect and honesty.

We are proud to say that we have stood the test of time as an independent school serving the communities of the district of Komani since 1996.

We are a school that prepares our students for the global world through our focus on enquiry based teaching and learning.  We strive to prepare the whole child to become street-smart youth, who think critically and who are able to solve problems in the safe environment of the school, but to also become independent when they enter adulthood.   We cultivate curiosity from the moment our students step into our school at the age of four, and we develop their enquiring minds as they develop into young adults by exposing them to real world issues.   

Our partnership with the Leacock Foundation from Toronto, Canada since 2002 has enabled us to keep up with global trends in education in offering cutting edge education with a focus on 21st century skills.

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Mrs Mariette Visser, the Executive Director, was appointed by the Leacock Foundation in 2016.  The Central Office delivers services across the three campuses and consists of:

Mrs Visser – Executive Director
Mrs du Preez – Head of Corporate and Community Relations
Mrs Schwarz – Corporate and Community Relations
Mr Bester – Network Manager
Ms Hintsa – School Counselor