Our vision is to be the leading STREAM School in Africa. Our Mission is to prepare our students for a rapidly changing world. And our values are to promote a Christian Ethos of Respect, Honesty and Love.

Practically this means providing an education that not only covers the required curriculum content but that more importantly extends our learners with critical and creative thinking skills, and opportunities to work collaboratively and learn to communicate better. We introduce aspects of STREAM, such as computer literacy, coding, robotics, and entrepreneurship to our students from Grade 8 and grow this through the grades.

We also have a strong focus on the wellbeing of our students, with the support of a registered counsellor on campus, a caring staff, and an environment that encourages learner involvement and debate. This is all under-pinned by our Christian values of mutual respect and love put into action.

Get Ahead College cannot be understood merely by reading this page however, like most good things in life, it must be felt. Please arrange to come and visit us and experience, for yourself, the benefits of our educational oasis in the Eastern Cape!

Trevor Harbottle
Operational Head


We pride ourselves in ensuring our schools live up to our mission of making “every child feel worthy and validated”.

  • Our caring and committed staff nurture and develop our students’ talents;

  • Individuals become fulfilled, active and compassionate citizens;

  • Technology and innovation meet.

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